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The Explorers - by Brett Israel, Digital Design by Melanie Goux

The Explorers

From ice shelves in Antarctica to volcanic mountains in Africa, Georgia Tech scientists and engineers are traveling the globe to take on some of the world’s toughest challenges.

They are exploring remote locations, new areas of science, and different ways for Georgia Tech to make the world a better place. The Institute’s seasoned explorers and adventurous spirit are attracting a fresh generation of scientists with a passion for getting out of the lab and figuring out firsthand how the world works.

Explore their stories below.

The Explorers - Under the sea
Researchers dive in to protect coral reefs

Danielle Dixson and colleagues examine coral reefs at the Carrie Bow Cay research station in Belize, Mark Hay studies the Coral Coast of Fiji, and Kim Cobb drills off the coast of Christmas Island.

The Explorers - At the poles
Polar extremes are giving up their secrets to Georgia Tech climate scientists

Britney Schmidt and her team, including engineers from the Georgia Tech Research Institute led by Mick West, built a robotic underwater vehicle called Icefin and deployed it to explore the underside of the ice shelves flowing off the continent.

The Explorers - Ground game
From tracking gorillas to treating water, researchers are bringing expertise to remote areas

Joe Brown travels to South Africa to work on water and sanitation infrastructure in underserved communities. Tony Giarrusso is working closely with the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International and park rangers in Rwanda to keep tabs on the mountain gorilla population.

The Explorers - Air up there
Researchers study air quality’s relationship to climate change and ocean health

Athanasios Nenes travels to the pristine island of Crete to study how air pollution traveling across great distances interacts with sunlight and affects climate, and Nga Lee (Sally) Ng investigates air pollution a little closer to Georgia Tech’s campus.

The Explorers - At the coast
Students wade into ecological research to study greenhouse gases

Jennifer Glass and her four-woman team of biogeochemists traveled 300 miles from Georgia Tech’s urban campus to Sapelo Island in search of new organisms and new routes of action in the chemical cycles.


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