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Manufacturing Comes to Life

Manufacturing Comes to Life

Innovative technologies and precision processes are leading U.S. manufacturers into new — even life-saving — arenas.

Manufacturing Hope

Inside the effort to bring life-saving cell therapies to the masses.

Designing a U.S. Manufacturing Renaissance

To illustrate just how significant manufacturing is to the U.S. economy, three numbers alone tell the story.

Composite Repairs Revisited

Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines Inc. is remaking its fleet with lighter, more fuel-efficient aircraft.

Legacy Equiptment Learns New Tricks

For years, production managers at Mueller Inc. would sketch out plans on paper for cutting parts out of giant rolls of steel.

3D Printing Gets a Heart

Tens of thousands of patients each year are diagnosed with heart valve disease, with many in need of lifesaving surgery.

Electronics 3-D Printed to Order

For pilots, having instant access to data about their aircraft is crucial to safely navigating the skies.

Greater Efficiency Through Computer Integration

As modern factories have grown increasingly complex, companies are relying more and more on computer models.

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