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A new analytics framework called Diamond Eye could help businesses monitor massive amounts of data in a user-friendly way.

Developed by the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), Diamond Eye is a platform for one-stop data analytics. Before creating the program, researchers had built a series of analytics tools for individual customers, such as an application-specific tool for monitoring Twitter and open source data for first responders.

Diamond Eye takes advantage of the expertise developed for these projects. The platform enables data ingestion, processing, and visualization in a single package, and is able to adapt to new data sources, new analytics, or new visualizations. Developing a flexible application program interface (API) helped make it user-friendly.

“Before Diamond Eye, it was difficult to share analytics because only the developer who had created it had the access or the know-how to use it,” said Amy Sharma, a senior research engineer at GTRI. “With this new framework, anyone can utilize the analytics, and any developer can add new data, analytics, or visualizations.”

The system was designed to help users answer historical and real-time questions with their data. It can also provide situational and predictive results, using information about the past to help forecast future conditions. The team’s analytics work uses open data sets, such as those from social media platforms like Twitter, as well as proprietary data provided by partners.

“One of the possible applications of our technology is to help companies better understand who is out there in social media, how you should interact with them, and how your interactions are being received,” said David Ediger, a GTRI research engineer.

— Brett Israel

Amy Sharma

Amy Sharma is a senior research engineer in the Georgia Tech Research Institute’s Information and Communications Laboratory.

Dave Ediger

Dave Ediger is a research engineer in the Georgia Tech Research Institute’s Information and Communications Laboratory.

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