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Georgia Tech is the center for a talent-rich innovation ecosystem that facilitates transformative opportunities, strengthens collaborative partnerships, and maximizes the economic and societal impact of the Institute’s research.

These goals are reflected in this issue of Research Horizons magazine, which is packed with stories showing the impact our faculty and students are having on our state, nation, and the world.

In these pages, you’ll get an in-depth look at how we’re finding new ways to capture, store, and convert renewable energy. You can also take a peek at some tiny devices that may help the deaf hear, detect human illness, make bridges safer, and keep crops disease-free.

In the meantime, our students continue to play a key role in ensuring that Georgia Tech’s reputation for research excellence remains strong. We’re creating a special culture of innovation that supports student creativity and entrepreneurship. Be sure to check out the article about our unique programs that help students bring their ideas to life and start companies of their own before they even graduate.

Finally, you will experience some of the exciting research Georgia Tech is doing around the world — from Antarctica to India and beyond.

Our research is powered by ideas, led by faculty, and supported by a diverse group of professionals and students. This research is critical to advancing scientific knowledge.

As always, I welcome your feedback. Enjoy the magazine!

Steve Cross
Executive Vice President for Research
April 2015

Steve Cross

Steve Cross is Georgia Tech’s executive vice president for research.

Georgia Tech researchers are developing improved materials for the electrodes of multifunctional batteries. The work, described in this article, could address energy density challenges for these batteries.

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